Aug 14, 2013

2 Month Checkup

Jonathan had his 2 month check checkup this morning and he is sure growing fast!  His measurements are:
Height: 24 1/2 inches long
Head: 16 inches
Weight: 13 lbs 8 oz

This kid loves to eat and I am loving breastfeeding!  I am so glad it had been working so well for me this third time around. Seriously, I think it didn't work with Sydney and Sophie because the supposed professionals at the hospital pressured and pushed and told me all the wrong things. Not very good coaches in my opinion. Babies will eat when they want to eat.  No reason to 'keep a record' And make sure they 'eat ontime'. by going with his queues, it was a success this time! Thanks for the advice,  Paula!
Jonathan smiles all the time and loves ti have songs sung to him.  He loves patty cake and peekaboo. He coos back at me when I talk to him.  He is just adorable and somewhat easier than Sydney and Sophie were as infants,  if that's possible. I'm glad I have super mellow babies.

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Shelley said...

Cute clothes on that cute kid. ;)