Jun 24, 2013

Jonathan Michael Keogan

Jonathan is here!

Jonathan Michael Keogan came at 12:03pm on June 13th, 2013! He weighed 7 lbs 14oz, and was 20 1/2 inches long.
We went in to John Muir Hospital at 7:30am, actually meeting my OB in the parking lot as we arrived and were heading towards the hospital doors. I absolutely love my OB. She is so friendly and knows what she is doing.
I was admitted by 8am and they started me on a little Pitocin around 8:30. They broke my water around 8:45 and I was already getting an epidural by 10:45. An hour later, they were getting things ready for delivery and at 12 they had me push. And that was it! haha. short and sweet, no pain, no struggle. Just one little push and Jonathan was here! We decided on his name while I was in labor and stuck with it. I love it. My little Jonathan. I have called him Jon a couple times, but we aren't too fond of Jonny, so that probably wont be one of his nicknames. Although we'll see is Gabraham is. ;)
He is absolutely perfect!
I had a bit of bleeding, so they gave me more Pitocin that night. Thanks night nurse for doing that and allowing me to stay awake for another four hours feeling like I was in labor all over again. Plus, she completely blew my IV vein after the pitocin had gone through. I still have a bruise, 11 days later on my arm.
The pediatrician on call that day came and checked Jonathan out, and it was our former Ped doctor! I was soo glad to see her, so we sat and chatted for a little while! (She had left her practice to spend more time at home with her kids, and does a week on call for the hospital every two weeks. I wish she hadn't left, but it was great to see her). She said Jonathan looked perfect and that she only had a 24 hour rule for newborns who look great to stay, so I asked my OB if I could go too. She said I looked fine and that I could go as well.
We headed home around 5 on the 14th and I was soo glad to be out of that hospital bed. I'll tell ya, your bum can only take soo much sitting in those beds before you start to wonder if you have a bum anymore.
Jonathan had been doing soo well! He eats really well, and today at his checkup he has regained his birth weight! 11 days! I'm feeling pretty proud. Nursing hasn't been the easiest thing for me in the past, but it looks as if it is going to work great this time! That's my boy!!
We took the girls to the park a couple days ago and Jonathan came with, to get a little sun here and there to help with his jaundice. Here we are at the park!

 Here he is so cute and asleep!

 Oh, and Sydney loved going to the pool, even if it was for 5 minutes...
 My cute boy!
 And here is Daddy, getting a much deserved nap after work!
Things have been going so well, and I have actually been getting some sleep. Jonathan likes to sleep on someone at night, so I am usually down on the couch with him where its cooler, while Gabe is upstairs so he can help the girls if they wake up during the night. Hopefully soon we will make a transition to wear Jonathan will like his port a crib, but he loves to take naps in his carseat during the day, so maybe we'll start with that, so I can sleep in my own bed as well. But for now, the couch is mighty comfy and I am getting sleep, which is what matters to me right now. I hate being sleep deprived and sometimes acting like a crazy woman during the day. Seriously, I'm sure all you moms out there know what its like to just sit back and wonder where your head went sometimes because you literally become a crazy person when you don't get enough sleep.

The girls love to look at Jonathan and are pretty well behaved when I am feeding him and they are independently playing nearby. All in all, its been pretty smooth and I am so glad Gabe had this past week off to be here with us and help. Tomorrow he starts back to full days of work and I am somewhat dreading it, but also excited, at the moment, for the challenge.


Raquel Caro said...

Congratulations! He is perfect :)

lisa c. said...

He is cute!! Can't wait to see you in a month!